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Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Being a "single" mom and owning a photography business. 

April 6, 2019

It has been almost a year since I started my studio in Sarnia. Things have changed and goals have been met and other goals changed and there have been some serious flops and some bumps along the way; BUT that wouldn't be life with out all the interesting stuff. 

I am excited that with in a year I have now reached my goal of having a store front studio space. Located at 102 Mitton ST. South.  The studio is undergoing some renovations outside; which I am so excited to see when it is completed. The inside of the studio will also be getting new floors in the summer time and it should be the end of the big renovations. 

The first few months of starting my business was rough between the getting a work flow that worked for my clients, families needs and mine and creating a space that wasn't constantly being used for more then one purpose. Leaving a studio set up with 3 boys in the middle of my house wasn't an option. I would soon find out having it in the home just wasn't an option either.  The need for a larger studio space was realized soon after moving my studio to the basement where it had its own entry to the house. I truly needed a space that was mine and not something the boys could just easily access when ever they wanted.

I still look at my dining room wall and think "WOW right there is where I started".  I had plans on staying in my home studio for at least 5 years.  The growth of my business has been amazing and couldn't have gotten here without the amazing clients I have made and met through this year. Along with the support of family and friends too ( something that I hadn't had a lot of in the past with other entrepreneurial adventurers I was going to try/do). 

I love having my studio space out of the house. I even had one person stop by the studio and said "I'm surprised you're here if you don't have clients" my response was well I paid for the space plus I am working on my newborn flow and decorative wrappings with my posing baby. Plus testing new props out and watching classes. This is something that I have been doing since day one. Now I just do it during "business hours" when I am not shooting or editing. 

I have been so luck that in one of my first sessions I met a wonderful mom who was also into photography. She has been an amazing person and has helped me do what I do best without worrying about my kids as she often watches them for me on evenings and weekend sessions. Kali has become more then an assistant and child care provider to me shes family to us. Which is a big deal when you are a "single mom" to 3 boys even more so when 2 of them are special needs children.

Prior to Kali entering our lives I had struggled with finding a person who could be reliable for my schedule and who could take on the challenges of 2 special needs children.  I was often left with last minute can't comes from sitters and a client on the way. This challenge was interesting which is why I moved to the studio to the basement and then to an appropriate place where my kids wouldn't be a distraction to the other kids getting photos. I am so thankful for my clients and their understanding and patients in the beginning as I worked through this hurdle. One of the big ones but not the biggest. 

This has truly been a great year and I can't wait to celebrate many more years in the Sarnia Community and growing as a photographer. 

If you haven't already liked, followed and joined my page and VIP group head over to

Ryders Cake Smash

April 6, 2019

What a pleasure it was to do this little guys cake smash. 

You would never haven known it was his first time ever having cake! 

While I was getting into position and check settings. This little man decided he had enough of the cake being on the cake stand and took the cake stand out of the way... the cake somehow made it through unsaved during the removal of the stand by Mr. Ryder. 

He did a fantastic job smashing that cake and eating it too. 

You can check out more of his sneak peek on my FB page here

the cake for this session was made by Hodgepodge cakes in Petrolia, Ontario. 

The alert newborn. 

April 6, 2019

At just around the 2 weeks fresh for this little guy  came into my studio for a newborn session. 

While he was a great little lad for wrapping, he was more content with being awake and watching what I was doing verses having a little slumber :). 

The relaxing studio eventually incited him into sleep and I was able to get some beautiful photos of him sleeping; but not before he showed off his very expressive expressions and funny personality starting to shine through. He was very content on watching me photograph him. 

You can check out his post here on my FB page

Lemon Bath

May 9,  2019

What a blast we had in the studio when Mr. O came in for this fun little mini session. 

The smell of fresh cut lemons was very intoxicating and made the bad weather of the week just float away. 

Mr. O took to the little tub and started to play instantly and the more comfortable he got in the tub with lemons the more lemons and water went flying. So much fun to see my little clients getting so excited and splashing around. One of my favorite mini sessions.  When the spa music stopped (its usually playing in the studio at all times) Mr. O got to listen to some songs he enjoys like baby shark. 

This lemon bath mini is perfect for a new look to spring/summer photos and to hang up in a kitchen or hall to the bathroom (it also looks great anywhere you hang it).  This session will be available until August 15 2019. 

If your little one is able to sit unassisted in the bath tub and up to about 3/4 years of age this  tiny claw foot tub works for.  It is also available in all my cake smashes at no extra charge. 

Baby Rian

July 31,2019

Welcome to the world baby Rian. 

My tiny client had come a few weeks early.

She was all booked in at 8 days old. And before she got out of her carrier I had told her parents she runs the show here. AND SHE DID ;) 

She gave us her opinion on the outfits that were chosen and the backdrop making sure we wouldn't be able to use them in the shoot. 

But once we found something that she wanted to wear and the color she liked she was the easiest baby to work with settling into a nice deep sleep and posing with those REM smiles that are so darling to catch. 

Here mama and daddy rocked the parent portion with their poses with her and you could feel all the love pouring into the camera they have for their little princess. Who's not a fan of the lace outfits we tried her in.